Tango Malvern Argentino

Pure Argentine Tango – nothing less!

Tango Malvern Saturday November 14th!

An afternoon of workshops and evening "Salon de Tango"

with Andreas Wichter

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As we really want all participants to gain the most from these special workshops, numbers are limited to 10 couples and we ask for you to book as a couple if possible. If you don’t have a partner don’t worry -please ring or email and we will then try and match followers to leaders.



  Please use the check boxes to select individual workshops and the milonga you would like to attend, Timings   Saturday November 14th 2009

Tango workshop 1

“Salón in a Nutshell”

To cover all the basics, posture, embrace, weight changes and walk and also dancing musically and free of stress in the salón. : 3.00-4.30pm **For all levels** £12 If booking as a couple £22 per workshop.

3.00-4.30 pm  

Tango workshop 1 Saturday:

Tango workshop 2

Looking at system changes

parallel to crossed and back with pivots and ochos plus combining these things to create freely varied walking/ocho combinations.


**for one year tango experience /improvers and up**

£12 If booking as a couple £22 per workshop.



Tango workshop 2 Saturday:

Salon de Tango


Salón de Tango


Beautiful chandelier graced salon. Dance to tango music from the golden age, and treat yourself to some well-deserved deliciously decadent canapés hand made by the Feather’s chefs. We look forward to a glittering night.

£14.50 ** including luxury canapés.

Dress code: golden age 1930s/40s.


8.00 pm – 12 midnight  

Salón de Tango Milonga Saturday

Day pass Saturday

2 tango workshops and "salon de tango" milonga £35

If booking as a couple £68

    Day pass Saturday


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