Tango Music


Tango really is all about tango music.

Sounds obvious, but it is important to acknowledge. without the complex and huge variety of tango music there really wouldn’t be tango, the dance.  Tango music is rich and complex, historically being the culmination of the mixture of immigrants and cultures who settled in Argentina in the early 20th century. The europeans who settled there brought classical & opera  influences from Italy, Spain, France, together with various musical instruments including the iconic Bandoneon from Germany  and somehow, forged collectively and miraculously the music and dance that is tango.
We mostly in Malvern choose to dance to original tango music from the early years and golden age of tango, being from around the mid 1920’s until late 1940’s, but also more rarely,  to more modern orchestras of the newer ages of tango such as Piazzolla.
There are classical tango orchestras today who perform in shows and various dance halls around the UK and internationally. It is an absolute treat to dance to live music when performed by wonderful talented musicians and singers- occasionally we host milongas and concerts where tango bands or orchestras play for us.  Recently we were honoured to dance to the band “Tango Siempre” in collaboration with the Malvern Festival Chorus at the Great Malvern Priory for a concert “A Selection of Tangos”.
Whenever possible we incorporate live music within our regular tango nights, and always play recorded music from a selection of traditional  orchestras. Learning about tango music, and appreciating the varying styles is an important part of becoming familiar with the tango culture. 
We recommend a book called “Tango Stories” by Michael Lavocah for everyone who wants to  find out more about the main tango orchestras of the golden age - it is fascinating reading and links up well with Spotify where you can listen to a huge amount of tango too.