Tango History

The origin of tango has been debated over continuously, with many popular colourful versions.

In general, it is understood that it evolved from a mix of dances from the avalanche of immigrants who poured into Argentina and Buenos Aires in the 1880’s. First on the streets, then through the sheer need for survival, via the brothels, when eventually in the 1930s and 40s the great advancement of the tango musicians and orchestras, (such as De Caro, D’Arienzo, De Sarli and Pugliese..) the “golden age” of tango was created.

When tangomania really took over and the dance spread throughout the world, into salons of Paris, and grand ballrooms of London, adopted by the fashionable society, turning tango into the sophisticated, sultry and yet refined dance we love today.

One thing seems topical at the moment, how tango has endured a great world recession before, been forced underground, yet has emerged as strong as ever, this deeply passionate dance with its haunting evocative music from a bygone era captivates and entrances our imaginations, so powerful is tango ….